Is it worth it to go to panama?

Nestled between the Caribbean and Pacific oceans, Panama is an incredibly diverse country with one of the most unique national identities. From its stunning islands and mountainous landscapes to its warm and friendly people, this Central American nation is truly a must-visit. Is Panama worth visiting? Jack and I weren't sure if it would be a place we would enjoy and we really wanted to know if Panama was worth visiting during our trips. Is Panama worth visiting? In short, the answer is YES, absolutely; there's no denying that it's a beautiful and unique Central American country. It's very clean and green, with expansive mountain views, misty rainforests, tropical beaches, fascinating history, culture and diverse wildlife.

For a short visit, a long weekend, or a connection point, Panama City (as well as neighboring Costa Rica) is worth a visit. You'll find great restaurants, contemporary architecture, modern shopping districts, and touches of nature scattered throughout a bustling, modern city. It's not worth it if the population of Panama is 4 million people, so almost 1 in 4 lives in the capital, City of Panama. However, international flights will arrive in Panama City, so even if it's just for a night or two, since you'll already be there, I'd say it's worth making a quick stop.

Since we've determined that Panama City is worth visiting, the next thing you'll need is a list of fun and interesting things to do there. If you're planning to go to Panama City for a long vacation, some of the islands and historic sites outside the city are worth visiting. There is no doubt that Panama is worth visiting and, although it is not a cheap place, there are ways in which you can try to keep costs low, for example, considering where you are staying and where you eat, preparing meals at home and using local transport to get around.

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