What is the national dish of panama and describe it?

Sancocho is the perfect comfort food. A national dish in Panama, with different versions popular throughout Latin America, rustic chicken stew can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner and anytime in between. Sancocho is best enjoyed after a night of excesses; locals claim that healing soup is the best cure for a hangover. Sancocho, also known as Panamanian chicken sancocho, is consumed by people from all social strata in Latin America and is considered the national dish of Panama, according to 196 Flavors.

Panamanians have long appreciated the country's abundance of delicious snacks and drinks, and now travelers are taking notice, too. Just be sure to order more than one, there's a reason why carimañolas are one of the most popular foods in Panama. You'll find old clothes in Central and Latin America (it's Cuba's national dish), but the local version is still a tasty staple food and a must-have in Panama. Unlike traditional tamales wrapped in banana leaves, pot tamale is a casserole dish that is baked in the oven. If your travels take you to Panama during the Christmas season, don't miss the opportunity to try tamal de olla, a tasty Panamanian food with European ingredients such as raisins, olives and capers, a testament to the country's Spanish colonial past.

Whether you're exploring bustling Panama City or heading straight to a tropical beach retreat, here are the 14 best dishes in Panama you don't want to miss. La Isabela Suites is an aparthotel located in the heart of the historic Old Town, 200 m from the Presidential Palace and the waterfront and 300 m from the Panama Canal Museum. Broth, vegetables, chicken and a side of rice are some of the key ingredients in this typical Panamanian soup, but what reigns is the abundant use of local coriander. That said, Maito's seafood guacho with coconut, one of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America, is easily the most delicious in Panama City.

When in Panama City, head straight to the Mercado de Mariscos, an open-air fish market that serves some of the freshest and most affordable ceviches in the city. Sancocho, highly appreciated in many Latin American countries, is undoubtedly the most popular dish in Panama, where it is the national dish and is served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When it comes to destinations around the world revered for their culinary delicacy, Panama is probably not the first country that we can think of. This obsession with Panamanian food is surprisingly light and light; it's a dream when combined with a cup of velvety hot chocolate.

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