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Are you considering a move to Panama City? Look no further! This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about living and working in this bustling city. From the thriving industries to the diverse job market, we've got you covered. Whether you're seeking job opportunities or simply interested in learning more about the city, this article is for you. So sit back, relax, and let us take you on a journey through the exciting world of Panama City. First, let's dive into the popular attractions that make Panama City a must-visit destination.

The historic Casco Viejo district is a must-see, with its charming colonial architecture, lively plazas, and delicious food scene. For a taste of local culture, head to the Mercado de Mariscos fish market where you can try some of the freshest seafood in the city. And don't miss out on a visit to the Panama Canal, one of the most impressive engineering marvels in the world. Now, let's talk about job opportunities in Panama City. As the economic hub of Panama, this city offers a diverse range of job options in various industries such as finance, tourism, technology, and more.

With the growing expat community, there are also opportunities for English-speaking jobs in customer service and teaching. The cost of living is relatively low compared to other major cities in the region, making it an attractive option for those looking to work abroad. When it comes to food and dining options, Panama City has something for everyone. From traditional Panamanian dishes like sancocho and arroz con pollo to international cuisine from all over the world, you'll never run out of delicious options to try. And for those looking for a taste of home, there are plenty of American and European restaurants scattered throughout the city. Living in Panama City also means having access to some of the best beaches in the country.

Just a short drive from the city, you can find beautiful beaches like Santa Clara, Playa Blanca, and Coronado. These beaches offer crystal clear waters, white sandy shores, and a variety of water activities such as snorkeling, surfing, and fishing. Lastly, let's take a brief look at the history of Panama City. Founded in 1519 by Spanish conquistadors, the city has a rich and colorful past that can be seen in its architecture and cultural traditions. It has also been an important trading hub throughout history due to its strategic location between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. In conclusion, Panama City has something to offer for every type of traveler or resident.

From its vibrant culture and top attractions to its diverse job market and stunning beaches, it's no wonder why so many people are drawn to this dynamic city. We hope this guide has provided you with all the information you need to make the most out of your time in Panama City.

Job Opportunities

When it comes to job opportunities, Panama City has a lot to offer. The city is home to a variety of industries, making it a diverse and exciting place to work. Whether you're looking for a job in finance, tourism, or technology, you'll find plenty of options in Panama City. The finance industry is one of the largest in Panama City, with many international banks and financial institutions having a presence in the city.

This provides a wealth of job opportunities for those with a background in finance and accounting. Tourism is also a major industry in Panama City, with its beautiful beaches and rich cultural heritage attracting visitors from all over the world. This creates a high demand for jobs in the hospitality and tourism sector, including roles in hotels, restaurants, and tour companies. In recent years, Panama City has also seen a growth in its technology sector. With a number of tech startups and companies setting up in the city, there are now many opportunities for those with skills in programming, web development, and digital marketing. Other industries that offer job opportunities in Panama City include real estate, construction, and healthcare. With such a diverse range of industries, there's something for everyone in this bustling city.

History of Panama City

Panama City has a rich history dating back to the 16th century.

It was founded in 1519 by Spanish conquistador Pedro Arias Dávila, also known as Pedrarias, as a base for Spanish expeditions to conquer South America. The city was strategically located on the Pacific coast and quickly became an important port for trade and shipping. During the 17th and 18th centuries, Panama City faced numerous attacks from pirates and buccaneers seeking to steal the wealth being transported through the isthmus. However, the city continued to thrive and prosper, becoming an important center for commerce and trade between Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

In 1821, Panama declared its independence from Spain and joined the Republic of Gran Colombia, which included present-day Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Panama. However, in 1903, Panama declared its independence from Colombia with the help of the United States, leading to the construction of the Panama Canal. Today, visitors can still see remnants of Panama City's past in its colonial architecture and historic sites such as Casco Viejo, the city's old quarter. This vibrant city has come a long way since its humble beginnings and continues to be a hub for business, culture, and tourism in Central America.

Beaches to Visit

Panama City is not just a bustling metropolis, it also boasts stunning beaches that are perfect for a day of relaxation and fun.

Whether you're looking for a tranquil spot to soak up some sun or an exciting adventure on the water, there's a beach for everyone in Panama City. One of the most popular beaches in Panama City is the Playa Bonita Beach, located just outside the city. This beautiful beach offers crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, perfect for swimming and sunbathing. You can also rent kayaks or paddleboards for a fun day out on the water. If you're looking for a more secluded and peaceful beach experience, head to Isla Taboga. This small island is just a short boat ride away from Panama City and offers picturesque beaches with calm waters and breathtaking views.

It's the perfect spot for a romantic getaway or a quiet day of relaxation. For those seeking adventure, Santa Clara Beach is a must-visit. This beach is known for its strong winds and is a popular spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing. If you're feeling brave, you can also try your hand at parasailing or jet skiing. Lastly, no visit to Panama City is complete without a trip to San Blas Islands. This archipelago features over 360 islands, each with its own unique beach.

The crystal clear waters and white sand make it a paradise for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. So whether you're in need of some relaxation or craving some adventure, these beautiful beaches in Panama City have got you covered. Escape to paradise and explore all that this vibrant city has to offer.

Food and Dining

One of the best parts about living in Panama City is the diverse and delicious culinary scene. From traditional Panamanian dishes to international cuisine, there is something for every palate. The city is filled with restaurants, cafes, and food trucks serving up a variety of dishes. For a taste of authentic Panamanian food, head to one of the many local markets where you can find street vendors selling empanadas, ceviche, and other traditional dishes.

For a more upscale experience, check out one of the many fine dining restaurants in the city, offering a fusion of Panamanian and international flavors. If you're in the mood for international cuisine, you won't be disappointed. Panama City is home to a large expat community, which means you can find a wide range of cuisines from around the world. From Italian and French to Japanese and Indian, you can satisfy any craving. Don't forget to try some of Panama's famous coffee while you're here. The country is known for its high-quality coffee beans, and you can find a variety of coffee shops throughout the city.

And for those with a sweet tooth, make sure to try some traditional desserts like tres leches cake or hojaldres con dulce.

Top Attractions

Panama City has a plethora of attractions to explore, from historic sites to natural wonders. Here are some of the top must-see spots in the city:
  • Casco Viejo: This charming neighborhood is home to colorful colonial buildings, quaint cafes, and lively street markets. It's a great place to soak up the city's history and culture.
  • Panama Canal: No visit to Panama City is complete without seeing the world-famous Panama Canal. You can take a tour and learn about its fascinating history and engineering marvels.
  • Metropolitan National Park: For nature lovers, this park offers hiking trails, diverse wildlife, and breathtaking views of the city skyline.
  • Causeway Islands: These three islands connected by a causeway are perfect for a day trip.

    You can enjoy outdoor activities like biking, kayaking, and dining with stunning views of the ocean.

These are just a few of the top attractions in Panama City. Make sure to also check out the Amador Causeway, Ancon Hill, and the Biomuseo. With so much to see and do, you'll never run out of things to explore in this vibrant city. Thank you for reading our guide to living and working in Panama City. We hope this has provided you with valuable insights and tips for your upcoming trip or move.

With its vibrant culture, diverse job market, delicious food, and stunning beaches, Panama City truly has something for everyone. So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable experience in this beautiful city.

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