Why is panama so expensive?

The idea that Panama is one of the most expensive destinations in Central America has been promoted for many years. This assessment has its origin in the simple fact that in Panama the U.S. dollar exists as an official currency, in addition to its great economic development and the cosmopolitan nature of its capital. In his latest post on the cost of living in Panama Post, Kris details everything from rent to utilities and food, as well as the costs of additional expenses, such as drinks, painting classes and supplies, and trips to Panama City. Panama City is a cosmopolitan city, with an atmosphere similar to that of Miami and Hong Kong, an ideal place for expatriates with a more sophisticated budget, who don't mind traffic and love a diverse gastronomic and cultural scene.

To enter, you will need a passport valid for three months after the date of your departure from Panama. Betsy, Reyn, Skylar and Blaise, who have been living in Panama for eight years, have a good idea of which areas are best for families in Panama. Stay with a local: there are hosts (and lots of community events) in Panama's biggest cities, making this country a great place to couchsurf. This is more than a quick history lesson, as it has a very real and direct impact on what your life as an expat in Panama could be like.

While newcomers are surely some of the expatriates, there are also many retirees and military personnel living in Panama, these are remnants of the Canal Zone era. That said, while it's not the cheapest place, the many other benefits make many expatriates choose Panama over nearby Central American locations. The currency is pegged to the USD and English is spoken a lot in popular cities, but the food and culture are still totally Panamanian. Park and Josh are expatriates from the United States who sold their business and moved to a 400-acre island off the coast of Panama, and they run a website called Viva Tropical that features articles about life in Latin America.

Restoration efforts have been underway for several years in the oldest part of Panama City, Casco Viejo. But we find good pizzerias, Italian, Chinese and a mix of influences even in the least touristic cities in Panama. In addition, unlike other countries, Panama offers a special discount program for those who decide to retire there; through the Pensionado program it is possible to obtain discounts of between 10 and 50% on everything from food to hotel, entertainment and plane tickets. Panamanian food is a mix of African, Spanish and Native American food, and corn is the main ingredient in most plates.

In Boquete there are almost as many expatriates as there are Panamanians, there are plenty of outdoor adventures, nightlife and great food. In turn, I grew up with stories about his time in the country and his own plans to eventually retire. in Panama.

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