How do i get from panama airport to city?

There is no direct connection from Panama City Airport (PTY) to Panama City. However, you can take the bus to the Metromall shopping center, walk to Cerro Viento, take metro line 2 to San Miguelito and then take metro line 1 to Fernández de Córdoba. Alternatively, you can take a taxi to Panama City. If you have a long layover or if you're staying a few days, you'll have to find transportation to the city from the airport.

You can call an Uber when you're already on your way to the airport exit to avoid paying a waiting fee. Because the airport is so far from the city, it's common for hotels to have a shuttle service. This is because it involves two transfers and the sidewalks in Panama once you get out of the subway are a total disaster. Enter your email address below for the latest tips on the best places to eat, drink, play and sleep in Panama City.

Terminals 1 and 2 connect inside the airport before going through immigration, so if you land in Terminal 1, you can exit at Terminal 2, which then connects to the subway. If you follow the airport taxi signs, when you leave the airport you will find a lot of people shouting at you for very different prices. Your driver will be waiting for you at the airport pickup holding a sign with his name so you can identify him. The most common options are taking a taxi, Uber, public transportation, or a pre-organized airport shuttle service.

Credit cards that are widely accepted in Panama are American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard and Visa. I used Uber several times in the city and also used it to get back to the airport, as I was short on time and I knew that the subway would take a while. Using Uber and other transportation apps is a safe, simple and affordable way to get from the airport to Panama City. If you're staying at a hotel or Airbnb in Panama City, you'll most likely get off at Via Argentina, Iglesia del Carmen, Santo Tomás or 5 de Mayo (the closest stop to Casco Viejo, but a 15-minute walk away).

Tocumen International

Airport is Panama's main airport, and you'll most likely fly to it.

If you fly to Panama, you will most likely land at Tocumen International Airport (PTY).

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