What is panama like as a tourist destination?

If you're looking for idyllic islands, rolling waves, wild nature and spectacular wildlife, Panama is an ideal destination. It is located at the crossroads of the Americas, connecting two oceans, and beyond its cosmopolitan capital and legendary canal, Panama is a biodiversity hotspot. Is Panama City worth visiting? In a nutshell, yes, but I didn't think it was the most exciting place in Panama. While there are some interesting things to do, in the end I saw it more as a stopover on the way to the coast and the interior from Panama.

Visitors from around the world flock to Panama every year to enjoy its lush rainforest, marvel at the Panama Canal, enjoy the best cuisine in the world, and learn more about the country's fascinating past. If you're flying to Panama from the United States, direct flights are available from many of the country's major airports. You can see some of my impressions based on my 3-day tour of the islands, but it's also possible to do it as a day trip from Panama City if you're short on time. Many Brazilian tourists have already been excited about Panama as a vacation destination, in part because of the first-rate shopping experiences offered by the American-style malls found throughout Panama City.

I've probably stayed in Panama City longer than I would have been otherwise, since I was taking a long trip and waiting for a boat ride to Colombia. While I wouldn't say that Panama is cheap (at least not compared to, say, Nicaragua or Guatemala), it's a little cheaper than its neighbor, which is very expensive. All that said, one thing that makes Panama City much more attractive is its security levels compared to most other Central American capitals. This allows you to recover from your flight, assuming you have flown here, and to have some time to see the Old Quarter and the Panama Canal. With that said, if you're planning a vacation in Panama or it's a place that's been on your list for a while, I would definitely recommend visiting Panama regardless of the cost.

To be honest, perhaps I expected Panama City to be a little more colorful and lively, when much of it is quite tidy and professional.

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