How do i get from panama airport to the city?

There are three ways to get from Panama Airport to the city: taxi, bus or subway. Read here the best whale watching tours in Panama, how to get from Puerto Viejo to Panama City and the best SIM card in Panama for tourists.

Tocumen International

Airport is Panama's main airport, and you'll most likely fly to it. Panama's best eSIM for tourists and how to buy a prepaid eSIM for Panama (discount code) - Gamintraveler.

Using Uber and other transportation apps is a safe, simple and affordable way to get from the airport to Panama City. Read here how to get from Panama City airport to Bocas del Toro and from Puerto Viejo to Bocas del Toro. If you are coming by bus from the airport, you will have to take metro line 2 and transfer to metro line 1.How to get from Panama Airport to the city center The best way: you can go by bus, taxi, bus and private transfer. The most common options are taking a taxi, Uber, public transportation, or a pre-arranged airport shuttle service.

If you fly to Panama, you will most likely land at Tocumen International Airport (PTY). Enter your email address below for the latest tips on the best places to eat, drink, play and sleep in Panama City. The bus from Panama Airport to downtown can take around 1 hour to get to the Albrook bus terminal from the Panama airport. If you have a long layover or if you're staying a few days, you'll have to find transportation to the city from the airport.

Because the airport is so far from the city, it's common for hotels to have a shuttle service. I used Uber several times in the city and also used it to get back to the airport, as I was short on time and I knew that the subway would take a while.

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