Is costa rica or panama cheaper?

Even in well-known areas such as Panama City or Bocas del Toro, the cost of living is often lower compared to Costa Rica. In conclusion, both countries can adapt to different travel budgets, but Panama generally offers a more cost-effective experience compared to Costa Rica. In retrospect, Panama has generally similar but lower prices than those of Costa Rica. We estimate that, on average, it is between 10 and 20% cheaper.

Therefore, Panama wins this game, despite not being a cheap destination. Costa Rica or Panama? Both offer an abundance of wildlife, untamed nature, adrenaline-filled activities and breathtaking beaches that stretch along the endless Pacific and Caribbean coasts. And they may be the most expensive countries in Central America, but they have the right infrastructure. You can delight your taste buds in Panama with delicious dishes such as sancocho (a hearty chicken soup), empanadas and rice with chicken.

Panama has also adopted the principles of sustainable tourism and is taking steps to protect its natural wonders. As you walk through its cobblestone streets, you can admire colonial architecture, visit historic sites such as the Panama Canal Museum, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a bygone era. Whether you're exploring dense rainforests, embarking on an exhilarating hike to the top of a volcano, or basking in the sun on a pristine beach, both Costa Rica and Panama offer an incredible variety of natural landscapes. Costa Rica, in particular, has implemented a solid system of national parks and reserves, such as Corcovado and Manuel Antonio, which provide refuge to numerous species and allow visitors observe wildlife in their natural habitats.

Panama, on the other hand, also has beautiful national parks, beaches and mountains, but it has a more interesting capital with attractions that are not available in Costa Rica. Yes, the main international airports in both countries, such as Juan Santamaría International Airport in Costa Rica and Tocumen International Airport in Panama, have direct flights from several destinations. However, for those who enjoy urban architecture and shopping malls with their jungles, Panama is probably the best tourist destination for you. For water lovers, a kayak expedition down the Chagres River in Panama is an exciting option.

Panama also has an impressive array of national parks, such as the Barú Volcano National Park and the Soberanía National Park, where you can walk through lush forests, spot exotic birds, and even catch a glimpse of elusive mammals such as the ocelot. Not everything is perfect, and sometimes you still find garbage, but Costa Rica is doing the right thing and going in the right direction in this regard.

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