How safe is panama for a single woman?

Panama is generally a safe country for women traveling alone. However, as anywhere else, street harassment can happen, but it's not common. If you're a city girl like me, I think Panama City is worth a visit. Loved the atmosphere of the big city. Its center has many modern buildings and can be very busy.

But overall, it's not overwhelming and safe if you're an intelligent and courteous solo traveler. When I landed in Panama City, I was surprised to see such a modern skyline full of skyscrapers and luxury condos. Panama, like any part of the world you might visit, has some areas that are considered safer and others that are considered more sordid. The U.S. dollar is worth both in Panama and in Mexico (for example) because its currency is the U.

Old-fashioned taxi scams that involve going around houses to increase the fare can happen anywhere in the world, but in Panama City it's common for taxis to simply overcharge. Panama is economically and politically stable, but if you travel around the country for a long time, you will notice huge differences in wealth and poverty. Mid-April to early December is the cheapest time to visit Panama City, as long as you don't mind getting drenched in the rain. I think Panama is a great option for solo travelers to relax and have a bit of adventure during their vacation.

Well, now that I'm back from my trip, I'm ready to share information about what it's really like to travel alone in Panama and if Panama is generally safe. It was a pleasure to be with him and the driver Eduardo and they shared a lot of knowledge about Panama and the canal. The district of Santa Ana, north of the Old Town, is divided in two by the pedestrianized pedestrian street, a bustling commercial street that is safe to walk on during the day; be alert among the crowds. Brilliant showrooms, high-rise condos and luxury shopping malls light up Panama City's banking district.

Instead, plan to spend at least one night sleeping under the stars on a ship at sea, where the crew takes care of navigation, logistics, meals, activities and safety. I would recommend spending at least a full day in Panama City, but an extra day is better if you have time. When I was planning my trip, I had some trouble researching several regions and mapping out the places to visit in Panama.

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