Why do tourists go to panama?

With nearly 400 islands covered in coconut trees, white sandy beaches, crystal clear Caribbean waters for diving, and small cabins for a more intimate atmosphere (compared to large hotels), this is the place to visit. Panama is a paradise for adventure. Panama is teeming with vibrant and diverse marine life, making it an excellent destination for snorkeling, diving, fishing and whale watching. The waters along Panama's Pacific coast that comprise the Gulf of Chiriqui are especially ideal for activities below the surface.

This region contains one of the largest coral reefs in the Pacific, including more than 760 species of tropical fish and 33 species of sharks. In addition, between July and October, more than 2,000 humpback whales migrate from Antarctica to hatch and raise their young in the gulf. Due to the incredible number of whales, Cala Mia whale watching tours have a 95 percent success rate during this time. You didn't say how long you would stay.

From Virginia, you are most likely looking for prices for PTY. Depending on the activities that interest you (hiking, birdwatching, snorkeling, hot springs, excursions to coffee plantations, etc.) they will determine what part of Panama you should focus on. Maybe it's better to fly to Bocas del Toro and tour that area instead. There are manatee tours, visits to chocolate plantations, snorkeling, diving, the famous starfish beach, etc.

Or if your daughter wants to learn how to surf, Pedasi is there. There are so many options for things to do. I could give you things for a week here in Boquete, for example. There are also buses that go all over the country because that's how the locals get around.

The country dismantled the train years and years ago. It would be very useful to take people from one part of Panama to another. After facing near destruction during a pirate invasion in the 17th century, the country was forced to rebuild its capital in a different place, which is now the Old Town. Along with the “new” historic center Casco Viejo, Old Panama is a World Heritage site protected by UNESCO.

The National Theater in Panama City is the embodiment of elegance. Although its modest pale yellow and pink façade fits perfectly with the other buildings in the Old Town, inside there is a dazzling display of opulent golden balconies, red curtains and a glass chandelier that illuminates the room with a soft glow. The best time for tourists to visit Panama City is during the “dry season”, from the beginning of the year to the end of April. You'll find many of the country's tourists and expatriates in the capital, which is home to beautiful historic districts like Casco Viejo and man-made wonders like the Panama Canal.

Therefore, tourists from the United States won't have to worry about expensive currency exchange rates or confusing price conversions. This attracts a significant number of tourists, expatriates and retirees, despite the long rainy season that lasts from May to December. As the cost of living increases around the world, it is becoming an increasingly important factor in the decision of tourists and expatriates.

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