What is the most popular airport in panama?

The largest airports in Panama: PTY, Tocumen International Airport, Tocumen; BOC, Bocas del Toro International Airport, Isla Colon; CHX, Cap Manuel Niño. The history of Tucumen airport begins with its inauguration in June 1947 by President Enrique Adolfo Jiménez Brin. As Mr. Arab says, it will not only be a milestone for aviation in Panama, but also for airport architecture.

Management changes were also being made, allowing people in contact with airport operations to make decisions more efficiently. The most important thing for Tocumen is that it will also increase its capacity to about 25 million passengers by 2025, which means the future growth of the airport with a world-class architecture. In 1980, it was renamed Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport in honor of the founder of the Chilean Air Force. Airbase in Panama City, Albrook International Airport is the second largest airport in Panama and home to the country's second largest airline, AirPanama. It is a single-terminal airport and, compared to most international airports in the world, is relatively small.

This first airport occupied an area of 7.2 kilometers strategically located just 20 kilometers from Panama City. For domestic flights, Panama officially has more than 100 airports, making it the country with more private runways per square mile than any other country in the world. This is the busiest airport in Central America, as it is a hub that connects South America, the Caribbean and North America. Previously, the airport administration was under the control of the Civil Aeronautics Directorate (now the Civil Aviation Authority).).

Tocumen International Airport is one of the few in the region with two runways, as the runway from the previous terminal is permanently used by cargo planes and private flights or can be used as an alternative runway to the main runway in times of demand. The airport was renamed Omar Torrijos International Airport in honor of the Panamanian leader and dictator. This was followed, in 1954, by the opening of the airport administration and the first terminal buildings.

Today, Tocumen airport is one of the most important terminal areas in

Latin America, as evidenced by its growing number of passengers and the fact that it operates flights to and from more than 94 international destinations to cities in America and Europe, covering a large part of Latin America.

Tocumen International Airport is the main international airport serving Panama City, the capital of Panama.

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