How safe is panama for american tourists?

Misdemeanors are more common than violent crimes. Take care of your belongings, especially at transportation hubs. Violent crimes include armed robberies and assaults. Do not travel less than 10 miles from the coast, from Boca de Rio, Chiriqui, to Cocle del Norte.

Drug trafficking and other illegal activities occur in this area. Use a high degree of caution in Colón and some areas of Panama City, due to high levels of crime. Panama is one of the safest countries in Latin America, with some exceptions. The irregular port city of Colón is dangerous day and night, except in the areas of Colón 2000 and Zona Libre (Free Zone)).

The northeastern region of the province of Darién, near the Caribbean Sea, is dangerous due to incidents of kidnapping, murder and drug trafficking by Colombian guerrilla and paramilitary groups that have crossed the border into Panama. Other regions of Darién are home to several accommodations that are located in a safe area. As long as you're cautious, try not to attract attention like a lost tourist, don't be ostentatious with expensive items, and don't blatantly break any local laws, you'll have a safe and pleasant stay in Panama. We do not evaluate compliance with international safety standards by foreign domestic airlines.

Bastimentos is the largest island in the Bocas del Toro archipelago, one of the main tourist destinations in Panama. Immigration authorities may deny you re-entry if you try to renew your stay in Panama by leaving the country for a short period of time and returning as a tourist. I have traveled around the world to more than 70 countries and Panama, by far, is one of the safest countries I have visited. Having lived here (Panama) all my life, the only security issues I've heard of are some burglaries.

For emergency consular assistance, call the Embassy of Canada in Panama, in Panama City, and follow the instructions. Public alcohol consumption is common in certain places, such as beaches, but is prohibited in some parts of Panama City, including Omar Park, ideal for families. Taxis in Panama City don't have a taximeter, so check the price before getting on to avoid any disagreement. People, there are a lot nicer places you can go to and spend your money and have a good time and safely.

Drug cartels are known for using Panama as a logistics hub, it's true, but as long as you don't get involved with them, you'll be safe. But one rule is don't be ostentatious, stay away from the phone most of the time, unless you're in Panama City, that's fine, but stay alert. The Darién Gap is a narrow and dangerous strip of land that engineers omitted when building the Pan-American Highway from Argentina to Alaska in the 1930s. Panama is full of friendly and affectionate people, working-class people, you have to look for problems to have problems.

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