How to get from panama airport to playa blanca?

There are 7 ways to get from Panama City Airport (PTY) to Playa Blanca Beach Resort - All Inclusive by bus, subway, bus, taxi or car; bus, metro line 2.We have used Suntransfers every year for the past 6 years and have never been disappointed: all vehicles have been in good condition, clean and on time. To start, you have to go to the Panama Transportation Terminal in Albrook and take a bus with the Panama - Rio Hato Route. To get to the Albrook transport terminal from your hotel, you can take the subway or bus from the nearest bus stop. In addition, you can take a taxi or Uber to take you directly to the terminal.

If you're at the airport, you can also take a taxi or Uber. Once you arrive at the Panama Transportation Terminal, you will need to go to the Panama-Rio Hato bus route counter. Once you are at the counter, you will be told which bus will leave the earliest. In general, buses leave very frequently and will tell you to take the bus immediately, but if you have to wait a bit, you can do so in the waiting room of the terminal.

If you have your own car or rent it in Panama City, the best option is to use it and enjoy the freedom of being able to come and go at any time you want. You'll find different options with different destinations depending on which hotel in Playa Blanca you're going to. Use the availability search on this page to see all the vehicles available for the transfer between Tocumen airport and Playa Blanca (Rio Hato).). Playa Blanca in Panama is known for being a region where you can find the best all-inclusive hotels in the entire republic.

Once you are at the Panama Transportation Terminal, you must pay 3 USD each way to the person in charge of the Panama - Rio Hato bus route. When you arrive at Tocumen International Airport, make sure to avoid any problems by booking with an official taxi company, such as Amber Moon Panama Taxi Service (tel. The method you choose to travel to Playa Blanca from Panama City will depend on your preferences and budget. No, Spanish is the official language of Panama and the vast majority of Panamanians speak Spanish as their mother tongue.

Packages from Toronto cost around 1,400 USD per person, and include a return flight and 7-day all-inclusive hotel accommodation in Playa Blanca. Yes, Playa Blanca is safe and you can continue to enjoy the beach and everything it offers, as long as you take care of your personal belongings at all times and are aware of what surrounds you. Make sure you have the correct currency handy, or get ready to exchange your dollars for Panama Balboa upon arrival. Once you arrive in Rio Hato, airport taxis are available to take you directly to your destination hotel.

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