Can us citizens visit panama?

A round-trip plane ticket as proof that you plan to leave. Be more careful in Panama due to crime. No one, regardless of their nationality, can travel to Panama with an expired passport. I would like to travel to South America from Panama. Can I do this by road, boat or ferry? The U.S.

Department of State is currently advising U.S. citizens to act with greater caution in Panama due to crime. World Health Organization (WHO): to find out what vaccines and health precautions you should take when visiting your destination. Citizens who sail private vessels through the Canal should contact the Panama Canal Authority at (01) 507-272-4570 or consult the Panama Canal Authority's website to make an appointment.

U.S. citizens must ensure that their passport doesn't expire for at least 3 months after entering the country, even if they don't intend to stay that long.

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