Is it safe to walk in panama at night?

Panama City is usually safe for women traveling alone, but it's best to avoid walking alone at night in Casco Antiguo, Santa Ana, or Calidonia. I also traveled around the country, including several months in Panama City, and I felt perfectly safe wherever I went. But one rule is don't be ostentatious, stay away from the phone most of the time, unless you're in Panama City, that's fine, but be careful. Home to the famous Panama Canal, as well as the infamous Darién Gap, Panama is the ideal place if you're looking for adventure really.

The increasing gentrification of Casco Viejo, as well as the presence of police in the neighborhood, have made this area safe both day and night, making it one of the most popular places to dine and go from bar to bar. Panama is an incredibly beautiful country worth exploring and is notably safer than the neighbors of Costa Rica and Colombia. Panama is on the route from the cocaine-producing areas of South America to the largest consumer country, the United States. Traveling alone for women in Panama may seem like a distant dream, but if you've already traveled alone somewhere in Latin America, you'll know the kind of environment you can expect in this country.

Panama's position, located between Central and South America, occupying the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, is both a blessing and a curse. Panama has a surprisingly good road level and, in general, a good transportation system. We live in Belize and spent two months in Panama, and it's clear that Panama is much safer than most of Central America. The tourist police in the most visited areas (including Panama City, of course) ensure that visitors not only feel safer, but are also safer. You shouldn't visit Darién beyond Yaviza, in southern Panama, which is close to the Colombian border.

There's A LOT to consider when planning your trip to Panama, but as long as you're an experienced traveler and come prepared with some safety tricks, you should have a good time in Panama right now. Taxis in Panama City don't have a meter, so check the price before getting on to avoid any disagreement. While the headline is true, Panama is the safest country in Central America, many of the “scary facts” are outright lies. This chain of Panamanian islands in the Caribbean Sea is full of color, fun and lots of relaxing, beach-based activities for everyone who loves lounging by the sea.

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