Is panama an expensive place to live?

The cost of living in Panama is generally considered to be lower than in many other countries in the region, and especially lower than in countries like the U.S. UU. The cost of living will vary depending on where you live, your lifestyle and your preferences. Panama has a large Asian population, so you won't notice any kind of prejudice toward your Korean wife.

As if life in Panama didn't sound luxurious enough, and much cheaper than in your current hometown, there's one more thing you should know. Only you can decide if you can adjust your lifestyle when you move to Panama to help keep your food bills low. When comparing the average cost of living in Panama to that of any other similar place in the United States, the difference is staggering. Take a look at the shimmering skyscrapers that define the Panama City skyline and you'll wonder if your plane landed in Miami by mistake. In Panama City, you can take the new, clean, air-conditioned subway to cross the city by less than a dollar.

But if you're looking for that Californian lifestyle complete with great weather, beaches, food, and amenities, Panama may be the best option. Some people don't drink alcohol, others buy a bottle of wine (Panama has great wines at great prices) or a 6-pack of beers each week, but others buy 10 bottles of wine and several cases of beer each week. On the other hand, from time to time I buy items from Amazon, and shipping them to Panama involves an additional expense. If you like coupons in the United States, you're likely to find that grocery shopping costs you more in Panama.

Coupons aren't very popular here. The breadth and quality of health services in Panama have contributed more to my financial and emotional well-being than can be explained in terms of dollars spent. Outside of Panama City, yellow taxis and local buses are easy to use and rarely spend more than a few dollars. Many expats find that one visit a week is sufficient, while well-off Panamanian families tend to have full-time servants.

There is no veterans hospital in Panama, but there is a hospital that specializes in helping veterans and is responsible for processing the application for you. In Panama, any retired resident who is 60 years old for men and 55 for women is entitled to a series of special discounts. If you prefer to do your own research, the two largest pharmacies in Panama are Arrocha and Revilla.

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