What is panama famous for?

Panama is known as a transit country because of the Panama Canal. While the country is known for its famous canal, its natural attractions include birdwatching tours, white-water rafting, and snorkeling. Panama's biodiversity is said to be three times greater than that of the United States, Canada and Europe combined. The country is very diverse, with mountains, rainforests, beautiful white sand beaches and 1,500 islands. The Darién Gap, from Panama City to Colombia, has about 12 million acres of rainforest, but few Panamanians or tourists visit the area, which can only be accessed by boat.

However, it is also famous for having one of the most important engineering projects ever carried out, the Panama Canal. This depression (the site of the Panama Canal) once again divides the country roughly into two halves: western and eastern. Here you can ride in front of a skyline with some of the tallest skyscrapers in Latin America, enjoy the Pacific breeze as you cross Panama Bay, walk among archaeological sites and trails and see how colonial history and night come to life in the same place. A Panama hat, or Ecuadorian hat, is a traditional brimmed straw hat made from the leaves of the toquilla palm.

Located on the Pacific side of the country, in the Gulf of Panama, this majestic island is only 20 kilometers from the capital, making it the best day trip from Panama City. The Panama Canal Railroad opened in 1855, more than half a century before the maritime canal was built parallel to the railroad and benefited greatly from its existence. In retrospect, for such a small country, with a relatively small population, Panama has made a name for itself and has had an enormous impact in the world. Panama is a small country located in Central America that connects two continents, but it has undoubtedly impacted the world.

El Darién is undoubtedly one of the richest places in the world in terms of biodiversity, but it is far from the only place famous for it in Panama. A central spine of mountain ranges extends almost the entire length of Panama, dividing the country into slopes facing the Atlantic and the Pacific. If you are looking for culinary experiences, you will love to know that Panama City is a creative gastronomic city, recognized by UNESCO, and that it has 4 restaurants on the list of the 50 best restaurants in Latin AmericaOf the nearly 400 islands, only 49 are inhabited, but those of San Blas are famous worldwide for their crystal clear waters and generally intact ecosystem. Of Panama's many short rivers, those that flow into the Caribbean include the Sixaola, Changuinola, Indio, Cricamola, La Miel, and Chagres.

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