Is panama a cheap country to visit?

Well, it's not the most expensive country in Central America (that award goes to Costa Rica, followed closely by Belize), but thrifty travelers will need to plan carefully and sacrifice some home comforts to keep costs down. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to save on food, lodging, transportation, and tours. Panama is best known for the Panama Canal, which consists of 82 km of (partially) artificial waterways that connect the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean. With that “backpacker” budget, you could visit Panama cheaply, but that wouldn't leave room for activities, nights out, shopping, or satiating sudden pizza cravings.

Whether you're traveling on a budget or traveling on luxury, Panama has a variety of options to fit your needs. Panama is a country that offers endless possibilities and, therefore, an incredible variety of options to explore and enjoy Panama on any budget. Stay with a local: there are hosts (and lots of community events) in Panama's biggest cities, making this a great country for couchsurfing. Sure, it's one of the most expensive countries in the region, but it's very easy to travel cheaply here if you plan ahead, limit your meals (and drinks) and stick to cheap accommodation.

From the colorful traditional clothing of indigenous peoples to the vibrant music and dance of Afro-Caribbean communities, there is a wealth of history and tradition to explore in Panama. Panama's national bird is the harpy eagle, a magnificent bird found deep in Panama's national parks. There's no shortage of things to see and do in Panama, from exploring the Panama Canal to hiking through national parks and relaxing on beautiful beaches. Panama has a modern and efficient transportation system, making it easy for travelers to get around and explore the country. The downtown district has many rooftop bars that offer great panoramic views of the Panamanian skyline.

If you're looking to buy souvenirs or gifts for friends and family in your home country, Panama offers plenty of options...

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