Is playa blanca safe to swim?

Keep in mind that the other beaches in Playa Blanca are open and it's safe to swim at them. Last week, water samples from Flamingo Beach were analyzed when a change in the color of the water was observed. The results confirmed that the appearance of microalgae was a possible cause, but that it is still safe to swim in them. The sea around Playa Dorada is generally very calm and is a popular spot for residents who take a bath in the morning. Once again, it's not far from the main tourist area of Playa Blanca and is well-connected to shops and cafés.

This is a beautiful spot for a quiet swim. It's also ideal for diving if you have the equipment. Bring your own food and drink, or eat fresh ceviche and drink your heart out on the catamaran cruise. Papagayo Beach is a glorious place at the southern end of the island, which seems like something out of a dream with its crystalline sand and crystal clear turquoise waters.

This group of 8 pristine beaches and coves is located in Playa Blanca, in the town of Yaiza in Lanzarote. Last year, the Lanzarote Open Water Sports Association organized the Papagayo Dreams Beach Crossing contest. The distance was 5000 meters and the start was in Playas de Papagayo and ended in Playa Dorada. Playa Mantas is a quiet cove very good for swimming and has lots of tall palm trees and thick shrubs for shade.

With fluffy white sand, crystal clear turquoise waters, tall palm trees, and even red macaw parrots flying overhead, Playa Blanca is the epitome of tropical paradise. No shuttle service will advertise this destination, but you may be able to ask them to drop you off on your way to Playa Marsella or Playa Maderas. I would recommend staying at one of the properties near Playa Coco, or simply staying at any of the beaches in San Juan del Sur mentioned above and taking a day or night trip to see Playa La Flor and the turtle nest. Golden sand, crystal clear water and blue sky make the beaches of Playa Blanca great places to lie down, relax and sunbathe.

With its calm waters for swimming, its pristine white sand and its seductive waters, Playa Blanca is undoubtedly a welcome oasis. Playa Blanca PM1 beach is located in the Canary Islands in Spain and is one of more than 37 bathing facilities in the Lanzarote area. This picturesque cove is also a good place to spend the day if you can't climb the rocks to get to Playa Blanca. To access Playa Blanca, you must park at Playa Mantas unless you are staying at the Punta Leona Resort.

When you think of Costa Rica's beautiful beaches, you probably think of Conchal Beach, full of shells, pristine Flamingo Beach and, perhaps, even Punta Uva Beach, with its caramel-colored sand and lush jungle as a backdrop.

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