Is panama good for vacationing?

Is Panama worth visiting? Jack and I weren't sure if it would be a place we would enjoy and we were really looking forward to knowing if Panama was worth visiting during our trips. Is Panama worth visiting? In short, the answer is YES, absolutely; there's no denying that it's a beautiful and unique Central American country. It's very clean and green, with expansive mountain views, misty rainforests, tropical beaches, a fascinating history, a diverse culture and fauna. If you're looking for idyllic islands, rolling waves, wild nature and breathtaking wildlife, Panama is an ideal destination.

It is located at the crossroads of the Americas, connecting two oceans, and beyond its cosmopolitan capital and legendary canal, Panama is a biodiversity hotspot. Did you also know that it produces some of the best and most expensive coffees in the world? Uber and Lyft are also available in Panama City (although drivers are usually willing to cross the country), along with UberEnglish for people who don't speak Spanish and UberAssist for people with mobility issues. While the Caribbean coast is usually more famous for its beautiful tracts of coastline and wildlife, here in Panama the Pacific is also It has some places that can rival it. Although the amount of rain depends on the coast you're on, downpours usually come in short, sharp bursts in the afternoon before the sun forces you to put your Panama hat back on.

As one of the world's leading tourist destinations, Panama is used to receiving international visitors. It has some beautiful areas to visit, such as Casco Viejo and the Metropolitan Natural Park next to the Panama Canal. There are many national parks surrounded by towns and cities in the mountains of Panama, which are incredible bases for walking. However, most people go to Panama to see the impressive quetzal, while other species, such as saw owls and hummingbirds, are also highly prized. Panama is also outside the Atlantic hurricane belt, so there is very little risk of these tropical storms making landfall in the country.

As in the Antón Valley, here you will find incredible hiking trails, such as the one that goes to the Barú Volcano National Park (at 3474 m, it houses the highest peak in Panama, so you'll want to prepare yourself well and, in addition, be in relatively good shape). Scams are quite common in Panama, so it's crucial that you stay alert, always check your exchange rate and never pay anything in advance. The downtown district has many rooftop bars that offer great panoramic views of the Panamanian skyline. In the rainy season, Panama's lush rainforests come to life, rejuvenated by warm rains.

Panama has a long history and is an interesting place to learn about indigenous South American culture and the Spanish conquest...

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