What does panama offer for tourists?

Panama's unique location provides the experience of a lifetime. If you're looking for idyllic islands, rolling waves, wild nature and spectacular wildlife, Panama is an ideal destination. It is located at the crossroads of the Americas, connecting two oceans, and beyond its cosmopolitan capital and legendary canal, Panama is a biodiversity hotspot. Did you also know that it produces some of the best and most expensive coffees in the world?? Panama is teeming with vibrant and diverse marine life, making it a great destination for snorkeling, diving, fishing, and whale watching.

The waters along Panama's Pacific coast that comprise the Gulf of Chiriqui are especially ideal for activities below the surface. This region contains one of the largest coral reefs in the Pacific, including more than 760 species of tropical fish and 33 species of sharks. In addition, between July and October, more than 2,000 humpback whales migrate from Antarctica to be born and raise their young in the gulf. Because of the incredible number of whales, Cala Mia whale watching tours have a 95 percent observation success rate during this time.

I spoke to some expatriates in Panama City who go to the Pearl Islands at least once a year, and they told me it's a favorite among Panamanians. English is spoken a lot, especially in Panama City and Boquete, but mastering some basic phrases in Spanish will win the locals the love of the locals and help you if you travel far from the most popular tourist spots. While Las Clementinas offers gorgeous apartments that will make you feel like a local, well, a local who lives in a super stylish apartment and gets breakfast baskets delivered to your room every morning. My boyfriend and I followed your advice and bought some Panama hats, but they were completely destroyed by rain on the way to an island by boat, ha ha ha. To be honest, I don't know much about coffee, and in general, I enjoy both a cup of instant coffee and a fancy beer, but it was still fun to hear Panamanians talk about their local coffee beans.

Panamanian cuisine combines African, Spanish, and native Panamanian cooking styles to create unique and delicious dishes. My favorite food was in Panama City, although I didn't mind eating freshly caught lobster every night in San Blas. As such, hotels are springing up across the country to accommodate the growing number of visitors, and many of the world's most luxurious hotel brands have established properties in Panama City and beyond. Today, six indigenous tribes remain in Panama and represent approximately five to eight percent of the country's total population.

I felt like I was on a deserted island and, without a doubt, it was the most unique experience I had in Panama. Although the amount of rain depends on the coast you're on, downpours usually come in short, sharp bursts in the afternoon before the sun forces you to put your Panama hat back on. With some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world and a rich and fascinating culture, it's easy to see why Panama is so popular with tourists.

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